Balcony: An exterior platform that projects from or into the facade of a building and is surrounded by a railing, handrail, or parapet. Street: Arterial, collector, or local - a dedicated public right-of-way which dedication shall be in accordance with standards of the adopted street classification map. % For permit history prior to 1995, visit Phoenix City Hall, 200 W. Washington Street, Phoenix AZ 85003, 3rd floor, P&D Records G-3629, 1993; Ord. Wireless Communication Facility, Monopole: A single, freestanding and unguyed pole-type structure erected on the ground that supports one or more antenna. Sign, Portable: Any sign not permanently attached to the ground, a building, or other structure, and not including vehicle mounted signs. CeoC,$&/4#"U]D~66'u3# ^V&^ux2EHn6`J#1hETS Ib%DRHQd$@ B. 1. Sign Structure: The structural components of the sign. Subdivision, Zero Lot Line: A subdivision in which the main building may be constructed without a side yard. This term does not include a person who operates a mobile food vending unit that visits multiple private property sites on a daily basis for no more than thirty (30) minutes per site per day. This use does not include the maintenance and repair of vehicles. Liner Retail: A retail building adjacent to a street and serving pedestrian traffic. Carport: An open building the principal use of which is the storage of motor vehicles, at least two sides of which shall be at least 50% open. (Ord. Permitted Building Construction hours are (non-Holiday weekdays): 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. from May 1 to September 30 . Elevation, Structure: The exterior design of a structure showing features such as windows, doors, and relationship of grade to floor level. No. Owner: A person recorded as such on the records of the County Assessor, or a person who has been granted written authorization by the owner to act on his behalf. A permit application must be made within 15 calendar days of the issue date on the NOV (Section 114 of the Phoenix Building Construction Code-Administrative Provisions). Aesthetic: The perception of artistic elements or elements in the natural or created environment that are pleasing to the eye. No. G-5582, 2011; Ord. city of phoenix non permitted construction commercial construction process flow chart city of phoenix electrical panel permit arizona department of manufactured housing city of phoenix permits and inspections city of phoenix permit application commercial building permit checklist arizona building permit requirements az building codes Custom: Work, service, or assembly made to order for individual customers for their own use or convenience. The term does not include any other group living arrangement for unrelated individuals who are not disabled nor correctional transitional facilities, or residential facilities for sex offenders. One Hundred-Year Flood: A flood having a one percent chance of being equaled or exceeded during any given year. Give us a call at (480) 656-7301 or visit our law office at 11811 N Tatum Blvd UNIT 3031, Phoenix, AZ 85028. Refer to Chapter 13 for more information. Parcel: One or more pieces of land separated from other pieces by description as in a subdivision or by metes and bounds as shown on records in the County Assessors Office. Assembly Hall: A building or portion of a building that is used on a continuing basis for dances, parties, receptions, and other gatherings which may provide all or some of the following: live or amplified music, live or amplified entertainment, serve alcoholic beverages, or serve catered meals. %%EOF MLS# 6394660. . billboards, oriented to shall mean that the sign face makes an angle of more than thirty (30) degrees with the arterial street or freeway from which the sign is intended to be read. In the case of a sign painted on or with letter or insignia directly affixed to the wall of a building, a residential subdivision identification sign on a perimeter site wall, or a non-residential identification sign on a perimeter site wall, the facing or surface of such sign shall include that area: a. Reader Panel: A sign designed to permit rapid change of copy which shall be other than the name of the business advertised by electronic or mechanical means. Where the lines are equal, the front line shall be that line which is obviously the front by reason of the prevailing custom of the other buildings on the block. G-5581, 2011; Ord. Wireless Communication Facility, Monopalm: A single, freestanding and unguyed structure in the shape of a palm tree erected on the ground that supports one or two disguised antenna. Professionally drafted and regularly updated online templates. G-5687, 2012; Ord. 3. G-3461, 1991; Ord. Manufacturing and assembly activities may be conducted entirely outdoors and have moderate to significant off-site impacts. No. A nursery school shall be licensed by the appropriate government agency. Sign, Internally Illuminated: Any sign which has the source of light entirely enclosed within the sign and not visible to the eye. Prison: A facility in which persons are housed to serve a sentence as a result of being convicted of committing a criminal act. Phoenix City. To view this site, Code Publishing Company recommends using one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. $440,000 Last Sold Price. A community residence center shall be licensed by the State of Arizona or the City of Phoenix. Wireless Communication Facilities can be concealed, disguised or visible. 6. 2/23 Web\dsd_trt_pdf_00203 Optical Illusion of Sign Movement: A static design which presents a pattern capable of reversible perspective, giving the illusion of motion or changing of copy. This is the minimum area required to maintain the process of natural channel movement. Lot: A parcel of land shown in the records of the Maricopa County Assessors Office, or any piece of property divided to be used separately from other pieces or parcels of property by description, as in a subdivision or on a recorded survey map, or by metes and bounds, for purposes of sale, lease, or separate use in a legal manner pursuant to all state, county, and city requirements for the development and proposed use or that property. G-4815, 2006; Ord. 4 beds, 2.5 baths, 1838 sq. Sanctioned by Congress, each Oxford House is operated in accord with the Oxford House Manual and is subject to annual inspections which serve as the functional equivalent of the licensing of community residence homes required by this ordinance. Building Envelope: The area defined on a lot in which all improvements must be made, including grading and alterations to existing landscaping. Antique: A product that is sold or exchanged because of value derived due to oldness as respects the present age. Glazing: A window, door or other transparent opening in the exterior wall of a building through which merchandise, services, or business are displayed or visible. Tobacco Oriented Retailer: An establishment engaged in the sale and/or display of tobacco related products, including, but not limited to: cigarettes, chewing and dipping tobacco, cigarette papers, electronic nicotine delivery system, or any other instrument or paraphernalia for the smoking or ingestion of tobacco and products prepared from tobacco. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Dormitory: A building or that portion thereof other than a hotel, motel, boarding house, fraternity house, or sorority house containing three (3) or more rooming units or guest rooms or sleeping facilities for more than five (5) persons. Hotel: A residence facility designed for occupancy by transients or as a residence for periods of less than one year. RNPC Residential Non-Permitted Construction EFFECTIVE BUILDING CODES: 2012 . A single retail location at which the licensee may sell marijuana and marijuana products to consumers, cultivate marijuana and manufacture marijuana products. Some access may be controlled by the spacing and location of intersections. Accessible Dwelling Unit: A dwelling unit designed to be approached, entered, and used by persons with disabilities. Drive-In Restaurant: Any establishment where food or beverages are dispensed and where such food or beverages are consumed on the premises but not within a building. Cul-de-Sac, Dogleg: A cul-de-sac that has a bend in it so that it is impossible to see the terminus (I) of the street from the origin. Auto Court Cluster: A single-family detached development pattern which focuses lots around a shared access drive between single-family detached lots. Please wait while your form is submitted. G-4004, 1997; Ord. Parking Space, Unreserved: An unassigned parking space that is available to both residents and visitors. Artist Studios/Galleries: Work space within an enclosed structure for artists and artisans, including individuals practicing one of the fine arts or performing arts, or skilled in an applied art or craft. Some design features of each street classification vary with the character of the abutting land uses. Such signs must be built into the building and shown on its structural plans. Appliance Repair Services: An establishment providing appliance repair or office machine repair. Lot Front - The front lot line of a lot shall be determined as follows: a. Yard, Required: The minimum dimensions of a front, side, or rear yard as established by the use regulations for each district. Enclosed within a painted or illuminated border. No. Permitted land uses for this property include single-family and commercial. No. endstream endobj 24 0 obj <>stream Emergency, service and storage room entrances are not a primary entrance. Parking, Temporary: A parking area to provide temporary parking spaces for the general public to park passenger vehicles for no more than 48 consecutive hours. We see two possible ways to approach it: We're a vibrant, growing city and a great place to, this Planning and Development Department web page, Water/Sewer/City Services Bill (602) 262-6251. The mall or plaza shall be at a minimum, not less than 30' x 30'. No. No. A rooming unit may contain cooling facilities, in which case each rooming unit shall be counted as a dwelling unit for density purposes. Reserved. Local streets connect to collector and arterial streets and have one lane in each direction. That part of the roof of a flat-roofed building extending beyond the walls or exterior columns of such a building, if not more than twenty-five feet above the grade, shall be considered a marquee. hTMO0>8`RU Sign, Property Sale, Lease Or Rental: Any sign advertising the availability for sale, rental, or lease of land or buildings. Lot Coverage: The total structural coverage provided on a lot or site inclusive of all roofed areas or structures capable of supporting a roof divided by the net area of the lot or size. G-6151, 2016; Ord. No. Lighting, Architectural: Lighting placed on a buildings facade to highlight or accentuate the buildings design. No. endobj This equipment includes, but is not limited to, utility or transmission equipment, power supplies, generators, batteries, cables, equipment buildings, cabinets and storage sheds, shelters or other structures. Where appropriately zoned, restaurant, bar, personal and retail services, and entertainment may also be available. Cocktail Lounge: An establishment, the main use of which is to serve spirituous liquors to be consumed on the premises. Non-Profit Medical Marijuana Retail Dispensary Facility: A not-for-profit entity that acquires, possesses, delivers, transfers, transports, supplies, sells or dispenses medical marijuana. Sign, Ground: Any sign supported by a structure affixed to the ground and in no way supported by a building or part of a building. No. No. No. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). G-5268, 2008; Ord. No. No. G-4457, 2002; Ord. Pursuant to A.R.S. Minimum Security Facility: A facility containing inmates designated by the Arizona Department of Corrections or other governmental entity as being low risk and nonviolent, with no perceived danger to the community. G-6278, 2017; Ord. Non-Permitted Construction Enforcement Procedures . Brew Pub, Domestic Microbrewery, or Domestic Farm Winery: An establishment that produces alcoholic beverages in conjunction with a restaurant, retail sales, or tasting room. 1/17 The Phoenix Building Construction Code grants relief to owners of property who agree to obtain permits for work performed by a previous owner and to owners who agree to remove non-permitted work that they have constructed. Sample 1. Specifically included are check-cashing businesses that charge a percentage fee for cashing a check or negotiable instrument, "payday loan" businesses that make loans upon assignments of wages received, or businesses that function as deferred presentment services. Professionally drafted and regularly updated online templates. Public AssemblyEntertainment: Establishment where patrons gather for limited size indoor and outdoor entertainment and where the assemblage follows a daily or regular pattern. Porte Cochere: A covered automobile entryway to provide shelter for persons arriving or leaving a building by vehicle. Wireless Communication Facility, Concealed: A facility designed to be architecturally integrated into a building so that the antenna, support structures, cabling and equipment are completely encased or hidden or designed in a manner that blends into the environment so the antenna structure can not be seen or, if seen, can not be recognized as Wireless Communication Facilities. Automated Collection Center: A self-contained machine to collect and weigh recyclable consumer materials, to reimburse mechanically the depositor of said materials, and to store temporarily said materials before shipment to a recycling center. 1. Erect: To build, construct, attach, hang, place, inscribe, suspend, or affix, and the painting of wall signs. Recreational Vehicle Park: Any lot, tract, or parcel of land used or offered for use in whole or in part with or without charge, for the parking of occupied recreational vehicles, tents, park models, or similar devices used for temporary living quarters for recreational camping or travel purposes. Environmental Remediation Facility: Any combination of land, wells, tanks, devices, and structures of a temporary nature used exclusively to reduce the concentration, volume, hazard, or toxicity of pollutants previously released on site to the soil, air, or water, when done in compliance with: 1. Cooking Area: The area where food is cooked. Outdoor Storage: An exterior space used for the stockpiling or placement of materials or goods for more than 48 consecutive hours. Professionally drafted and regularly updated online templates. states that it shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to perform any work for which a B. Debris on Private Property. G-5766, 2012; Ord. It is also the minimum area required for preservation of the natural form and function of the stream. Wireless Communications Facility, Co-Location: The act of siting multiple wireless communications providers in the same location and on the same support structure. Lot Rear: The rear lot line is that lot line opposite to the front lot line. Open Space, Usable: To be considered as usable open space or common space, the space must be centrally located within the development, project or neighborhood, have a minimum 1,000 square foot level bottom if also utilized as stormwater retention, be finished with turf or quarter minus decomposed granite, be adequately lit to ensure the safety of nighttime users, and be equipped with amenity improvements such as passive or active open space elements. Semi-Public Swimming Pool: A swimming pool on the premises of, or part of, a hotel, motel, trailer court, apartment house, private club, association, or similar establishment, where admission to the use of the pool is included in the fee or consideration paid or given for the general use of the premises. 2. Only areas at least fifty (50) feet within any open end mall shall be considered as being within the mall. A community residence home shall be considered a residential use of property for purposes of this Zoning Ordinance. This shall not include breeding or raising of household pets or animals. Please note that on-call inspectors will only be investigating construction noise complaints related to construction projects that require permits under the Phoenix Building Construction Code such as roofing a new home and NOT the building of a bookshelf. Sign Copy, Area of: That area in square feet of the smallest geometric figure or combination of regular geometric figures which entirely encloses words and elements of the sign copy. Bakery: An establishment used for the sale of baked goods on the lot and baking when incidental to retail sales from the property including the combining, baking and packaging of ingredients. No. G-3378, 1990; Ord. G-4255, 2000; Ord. Parking demand for certain centers may be based on Phoenixs Shared Parking Model and may include modifications to reflect specific uses, transit availability, and trip reduction programs for the site. Private Use: One which is restricted to the occupants of a lot or building, together with their guests, where compensation for such use is not received and where no business or commercial activity is associated with such use or building. The facility provides on-site care, training or support, or habilitative or rehabilitative services, related to the residents disabilities. Canopy: A structure attached to a building or other rigid structure in a fixed position with a flexible or rigid covering, including such structures which are internally illuminated by fluorescent or other light sources. No. Conference and Reception Center: A building or structure which houses one or more of the following: Cafeteria or dining room for employees or a related office complex, kitchen, ballroom, banquet room. A COW is normally vehicle-mounted and contains a telescoping boom as the antenna support structure. City staff will investigate and follow up with you. hSn8yLPx)) 0`IFn|PlBY]$26yX3W#s@e [ x9+3Je!;/*Qcvq?\C=T 9.S~UP^CK+&_aE)-7W}XYY)ABx^=rY!#l/}n1Np3l|pGYp$8gm9#O}52HZz'di S.Mv=_Fg9aX}c~[tT1m6mC \40a]nOC iLXv~f9)fx8ea[ww6liIX2,b6)n6Q~s% M!^fa7u>kEJ #w'29hW +c,!EN ry\)o\Ez|RLc8NWGaC.[KE/5!JEbyv[uk|>>Vee (H#QB? Occupiable Space: An indoor or outdoor enclosed space designed for human interactions, such as but not limited to: lobbies, patios, rooftop decks and gardens, or areas for assembly, or other similar purposes. Street, Public: A dedicated public right-of-way for vehicles which affords a principal means of access to abutting property. No. If you're looking online, the permit Status should say "DONE." This will provide the permit history from 1995 to the present. Commercial Center: Lot(s) containing a commercial building or buildings where: there are three or more businesses or tenants contained therein, the lot contains 30,000 square feet of gross floor area or more, and buildings are served by common parking areas. G-4498, 2003; Ord. Corner Lot: The front lot line of a corner lot shall be the shorter of the two lines adjacent to the streets as platted, subdivided, or laid out. Interior Lot: The front lot line of an interior lot shall be the line bounding the street frontage. Panhandle Lot: A lot, which contains an appendage that provides private or shared access to a public right-of-way or private accessway. <> Easily download and print documents with US Legal Forms. 2. When the parking, maneuvering, ingress, or egress area consists of a crushed rock or gravel surface which differs from the surface treatment of the remaining yard, then the permanent border shall be constructed of: 1) asphalt, concrete, masonry, metal, wood, or other material secured to or embedded in the ground; or 2) other method as approved by the Planning and Development Department. City of Phoenix 200 West Washington Street Phoenix, Arizona 85003 . No. Religious Assembly: An establishment where persons regularly assemble for religious purposes and related social events. SOLD JUN 10, 2022. No. This term does not include a park-and-ride lot. Homes for 6 - 10 individuals must register with the City of Phoenix and, with some exceptions, must follow separation guidelines of 1,320 feet. Mainline of Freeway/Expressway: Repealed. A. Drainage. RESIDENTIAL PERMIT CUSTOMERS - The city of Phoenix Planning & Development Department is excited to share SHAPE PHX, the new Land Management Information System, with you. A variance is a request to allow a deviation from a development standard required by the Phoenix Zoning Ordinance. A single off-site cultivation location at which the licensee may cultivate marijuana, process marijuana and manufacture marijuana products, but from which marijuana and marijuana products may not be transferred or sold to consumers. Sign, Directional: Any sign which is designed solely for the purpose of traffic or pedestrian direction and placed on the property to which or on which the public is directed. b. The subject could be in violation of Phoenix City Code Noise Ordinance 23-12 if construction work is creating unreasonably loud, disturbing and unnecessary noise as described by Phoenix City Code 23-14(h): Building construction. Sign, Awning: A sign located anywhere on any surface of an awning. Because the City of Phoenix does issue Extended Construction Work Hours permits, on-call inspectors will research whether the project has an after-hours permit before responding. Establishments have individual, compartmentalized and controlled access. Resort Hotel: A building or group of buildings containing guest rooms providing outdoor recreation activities such as golf, tennis, horseback riding, or swimming for guests. A basement, the ceiling of which is less than four feet six inches (4'6") above the natural grade, shall not be considered a story. Livestock Fence: A fence in which at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the area between grade level and the top cross member (wire, wood or other material) is open. A community residence home shall be licensed by the State of Arizona or the City of Phoenix. Nearby homes similar to 122 Phoenix Palm Ct have recently sold between $469K to $600K at an average of $270 per square foot. No. No. Lot Coverage, Planned Residential Development: The total structural coverage provided on the sum of all the lots within the Planned Residential Development of which is divided or prorated between each of the lots after streets (both public and private) are subtracted from the total net area. Family Game Center: A supervised indoor amusement and recreation facility, the main use of which consists of mechanical, electronic, and electrical devices for entertainment and amusement, and which may include, but not be limited to, such facilities as card games, ping pong tables, and billiard tables. Sign, Groundsheet: An off-premise sign placed horizontal to and affixed to the ground or an approved support structure that is designed to be seen primarily by aircraft passengers either landing or departing Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. G-3529, 1992; Ord. Marijuana Establishment: Means an entity licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services to operate all of the following: 1. G-5742, 2012; Ord. No. G-4238, 2000; Ord. Sign Copy: Those letters, numerals, figures, symbols, color schemes, logos, and hieroglyphics used to make up words and elements of the sign message, including the spaces between letters, numerals and figures, but excluding numerals identifying street address only as exempted under Section 705.E. Screening: A device or materials used to conceal one element of a development from other elements or from adjacent or contiguous development. Health/Recreation Facility: An indoor facility including uses such as game courts, exercise equipment, locker rooms, jacuzzi, and/or sauna and pro shop. This allows for up to a ten percent variation in key design elements, such as but not limited to building height, landscape setbacks, building setbacks, density, lot coverage and open space. G-4817, 2006; Ord. Instruments, devices, or paraphernalia which are designed for use in connection with "specified sexual activities," excluding condoms and other birth control and disease prevention products. No. This shall not include breeding or raising of household pets or animals. Nude models or models where costuming is as described in paragraph 1 above. An adult day care home shall be licensed by the State of Arizona, if required by the appropriate State agency. Street Classification System: A part of the City General Plan which provides for the development of a system freeways, arterials, and collectors, including the location and alignment of existing and proposed thoroughfares. The location of a wireless communication facility on athletic field light poles, water towers, street lights, traffic light or utility poles, walls and fences, and suspended wire antennas would also be considered disguised if the antennas, cabling and related equipment and structures are not commonly recognized as a Wireless Communication Facility. Boarding House: A residential home or building(s) for six or more unrelated individuals used to provide lodging for compensation. Commercial Use: A use operated for profit or compensation. G-4004, 1997; Ord. Living Space, Active: A frequently used living space such as a kitchen, living room, or family room located within a residence such that visual surveillance of the public or private street adjacent to the residence is easily accomplished. No. Paseo: A hard surfaced, ADA accessible path that can accommodate pedestrian and other non-motorized traffic, such as bicycles, moving in two opposite directions. No. A stadium may be open air or covered by either a fixed or retractable roof. Sign Structure, Abandoned: A sign structure which has ceased to be used to display or support a sign, and where the owner of the sign structure has manifested an intention to permanently cease to use the sign structure. Sign, Aerial View: A sign applied to or placed upon a roof surface and intended to be viewed from above. It is located at the front of a larger retail site that may also contain large format or large scale retail uses. 3590 # Listed Homes. $469,000 Last Sold Price. These include, but are not limited to house, accessory buildings, pool, patios, driveways, visitor parking, fencing, or walls. Complainants must provide their contact information for call back by the on-call inspector. Building: A structure having a roof supported by columns or walls for the shelter, support, or enclosure of persons, animals, or chattel. No detached accessory structures or swimming pools are permitted within the required front yard (s) of any residential district.
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